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Each year, we select 5 HBCU student leaders from across the country to participate in our competitive campaign fellowship program. Every cohort of Xceleader fellows undergoes a rigorous 10-week program where they receive guided instruction on running a successful student government campaign. Fellows participate in an active online network and attend bi-weekly webinar sessions aimed at policy development and campaign planning. Most significantly, the program helps fellows expand their leadership abilities and intensify the impact of their reach on campus. 

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Applications Are Now Open! 

hear from

our past fellows 

"I loved this fellowship so much -- it allowed me to truly prepare for campaign week. I was able to develop a clear vision of the future with myself as President."
Donald Dunbar, Southern University, 2019 Fellow
"I enjoyed being able to connect with student leaders from HBCUs who were just as passionate about advocating on behalf of their peers as much as I was."  
Daiva Wilson, Tennessee State University, 2019 Fellow
"I had the ingredients to campaign well but Xceleader was the perfect recipe I needed to put those ingredients together to create a successful campaign."
Alex Freeman,  Morgan State University, 2020 Fellow


Must be enrolled at an HBCU

Must be eligible to run for SGA president 

Must complete the fellowship application 

Must commit to a year-long program 

 Must be open to learn


Access to Mentorship

Free Resources for your Campaign

Personal Campaign Review

Peer-to-Peer Network with Fellows