Meet Xceleader’s Founders
Aarian J. Forman
Aarian J. Forman
Tennessee State University

Aarian J. Forman is a forward-thinking innovator and problem solver. In a world where evolution is happening at unprecedented rates, ingenuity and innovation are vital to the success of anything that wants to thrive. He is handily equipped with the necessary expertise to build leaders, solve complex issues, and create strategies that speak to a need. He currently leads partnerships and public relations at The General® Insurance, and is a two time graduate of Tennessee State University

Jade Agudosi
Jade Agudosi
Howard University

Jade Agudosi is a DEI professional based in Washington, D.C. She received her B.A. in Strategic, Legal & Management Communications from Howard University and has hands-on experience in the field of program management and public policy. She has held positions in Capitol Hill, the U.S. Department of Interior, the AFL-CIO, and Meta (the Facebook company). She is also a co-founder of Xceleader, and managing director of the XceleadHER leadership program. Jade was previously nominated for HBCU Digest’s 2018 HBCU Awards and has been featured in Forbes, The Washington Post, The Hill, and Politico.

Tevon Blair
Tevon A. Blair
Dillard University

Tevon Blair is a strategic communicator and social equity advocate in the nonprofit and political sector. His work has contributed to communication strategies to engage young people in politics and education for statewide and national campaigns including Stacey Abrams’ gubernatorial race in Georgia and efforts to promote Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Tevon is a graduate of Dillard University and The George Washington University.

Our mission is to increase and strengthen Black leadership by providing tools that inspire action and fuel ambition.

Former HBCU Leaders, Compelled To Giveback
Our Story

After graduating from Howard University, Tennessee State University, and Dillard University, respectively, our founders realized a way to make a broader impact on the HBCU community. As former SGA presidents armed with newly acquired professional skills and knowledge, they formed an organization aimed to support HBCU students in their on-campus leadership endeavors. In order to enact real change, they created a program to advise students who wanted to run for Student Government President.

Fast-forward four years, and Xceleader has grown to work with over 35 HBCU campuses throughout the United States to ensure purposeful leadership doesn’t end after graduation. By following an approach that centers around culture and experience, Xceleader empowers students and alumni to discover the value of purposeful leadership and community impact.

Since 2018, Xceleader has worked to engage and inspire the next generation of Black leaders while providing corporations with a platform and direct line of access to HBCU change makers across the country.

A Word From Our Fellows
A Tennessee State University graduate posing for a picture

Dominique Davis

Tennessee State University c/o 2020

Xceleader’s mentorship allowed me to develop as a student leader all while ensuring I was equipped me with the key skills needed to successfully lead the student body at Tennessee State University. To have HBCU Alums genuinely pour knowledge & greatness into students that are aspiring to become leaders, is truly unmatched.
Xceleader inspired me to make an impact on campus by focusing on issues relevant to students and the advancement of the institution’s growth and evolution. Even beyond my collegiate matriculation, Xceleader empowered me with practical tools to become a leader in my current role as the Special Assistant to the Governor [of Louisiana].

Donald Dunbar, Jr.

Southern University c/o 2020

A Black young man (Donald Dunbar, Jr.) posing for a picture